Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy

This service is for the completion of the Pit of Heresy dungeon, an activity exclusive to Shadowkeep and one of the most challenging activities in the game. This is a great service for those looking to get new Dreambane armor and high level, powerful drops. In order to obtain access to the Dungeon, you must complete the Deepening Wake quest from Eris Morn. Please note that if you are interested in us completing any Triumphs for you, please contact us directly and we can discuss that as a special order request.


  • Boss drops will reward a Masterworked piece of Dreambane armor as a Pinnacle Drop (above 950)
  • All other encounters can drop all Moon armor and weapons
  • Emblem: Sanguine Static


  • You must have access to the Pit of Heresy by unlocking it OR you can have us unlock it for you!

  • You must be at least a 940+ light level

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