About Us

Our team at Master Carries consists of a group of professional players from around the globe that put teamwork, trust, and security at the forefront. We love to educate and be the catalyst that allows new and seasoned players to access content and rewards that they otherwise may not be able to due to any number of reasons. We are all highly experienced gamers with the motivation and goal to build the trust of our fellow guardians as service providers.

What makes us qualified, exactly? Each of us are either approaching or have achieved Master rank in raid completions to reach combined total of over 25,000 raid completions (including two- and three-man tags, flawless, and some of the top speed ranks in the world); we are all fully equipped with an unlocked arsenal and a highly skilled team across all platforms. Whether we're grinding for Day 1 raid completions or pinnacle Crucible weapons, our team is present and participating to get those top-tier rewards. On top of that, our PvP team truly exhibits what it means to be top 1% players, both in skill and professionalism, with thousands of Trials flawless cards and unbeatable stats who have been in the competitive PVP business since early Halo days. Overall, as a team, we have a combined total of more than 5000 days in-game time. However, the most important statistic is what you think of us, and as a growing provider the most prominent thing that we look forward to having bragging rights about is the trust of our customers. 

To help understand what we're all about, we have a few rules we all play by:

  1. We promise to treat all people with respect and accounts as if they were our own, plus some. We know the time, dedication, and care that goes into building up your accounts and would never put it at risk for any reason. We understand the caution in providing us with your account information during account recoveries, so aside from the safety guarantee we make every customer, we ask that you please contact us with any questions so we can talk you through the process or discuss other options. 

  2. We promise to educate whenever you play with us (and even when you don't), not just rush the experience. With this, you will gain confidence and the ability to get into this content in the future with the knowledge of how the activity works.

  3. We promise to maintain professionalism, resulting in services that exhibit patience, flexibility, trustworthiness, honesty, and working in an efficient and timely manner.

  4. We promise to be fair, whether it be in the background with management or being patient in-game. We believe in reasonable prices, keeping our customers informed and updated, and understanding that everyone is at their own level in this game.

  5. We promise to make sure that your privacy is always respected, which serves as an umbrella statement to the fact that your information is 100% secure and private, both in regard to your account/financial information or otherwise. If you look at the URL bar, you can see a lock icon, indicating that our website is totally secure and private. 

If you ever have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible and make sure to check out our F.A.Q. tab for more info on what we have to offer. We look forward to working with you, and as you've heard many times before, per audacia ad astra, Guardian.