Currently, we are offering all Destiny 2 PVE and PVP services for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Xbox and PlayStation can be done on both old and newer generations of consoles.

An account recovery and a Play With Us service are two very different types of services. Account recoveries are services where we play on your account and requires that you give us your email and password information that is associated with your gamertag. These services are usually the fastest and are done when it is convenient for you to be off of your account. Please read more about the extensive security measures in the next question below.

A Play With Us service is where you play with our professional team and we teach you the activity's mechanics. These services are most popular in raids, but can take much longer than recovery service due to the time it takes to teach so that you're getting the best experience possible. We believe in thorough education, so we will not expect you to sit back unless you absolutely don't want to participate.


Account recoveries have always been frowned upon by some game developers since their start in the early Halo days and WoW. Recently, D2 developers have made their stance on recoveries to be considered a bannable offense, but this has been the case for years. However, we know the benefit boosting brings to the community and player base, especially those who do not have the time to dedicate due to work, family, or other circumstances that limits availability and in-game resources.

We cannot control actions of D2 Developers or their enforcement policies, but we take every measure possible to provide the safest services possible. Please know that account recoveries (as they have always been) are an at-your-own-risk service and by using our services, you fully understand the potential risks. However, using dedicated VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), consistent Sherpas, and other safety-oriented measures, our team does whatever possible to keep your account safe! If you are not comfortable with an account recovery and would like assistance, we offer several accessible options for almost all of our services including Speed Carry options and full Coaching Runs for both PVE and PVP.

First and foremost, we treat and respect every single account as if it were our own, plus some. We completely understand the hesitation to provide account information and have somebody else log into your account, but we hope that you provide us with trust so that we can accomplish the service you're paying for. Also, our thousands of customer reviews don't lie.

We strive to maintain an unparalleled level of professionalism and honesty, and in order to do that, we would never jeopardize your account information (or any personal information for that matter). We will provide you with a log in time and a notification when we log out in addition to an entire list of rewards for the activities completed. We will always be in communication to make sure you feel at ease while we complete the task at and. We are all gamers, and we know the sense of caution that comes with account recoveries, but we hope that you will trust us to stand by our moral and business values. We 100% guarantee that we will never jeopardize, sell, share, improperly store, or abuse the information that you provide to us and that you pay for.


Standard service completion times vary as we work on a queue based system, meaning as orders come in our team will complete them in that order. Generally speaking, standard orders are completed within 48 hours and Fast Track within 24 to 36, but this will vary based on the current volume of orders in our queue. Additionally, for time-sensitive services like Trials (for example), completion time works a bit differently as those have their own separate queue to ensure every order is completed prior to the weekly reset deadline.

Fast Track add-ons are intended to expedite your order so that your service is moved in queue above Standard/Non-Fast Track orders, offering a speedier completion time. Some services such as Trials will have ETAs listed in the Fast Track dropdown options that can provide a general idea of when to expect your order to be completed.

We have sherpas from all over the world and are here to answer questions 24/7. If you contact us via Live Chat and don't receive an immediate response, please feel free to leave your email address and we will respond to your inquiry within several hours. The only days of the year that we do not complete orders are major US and UK holidays.

Absolutely. Aside from the sales we have on individual products and on bundles that are listed in Services, we offer a 10% discount off of ALL services to all active and retired/discharged military and public service members including police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. In order to get this discount in effect for you, please email us at info@mastercarries.com. Additionally, we have an incredible VIG Master Credits rewards program where you earn credits every time you order, whenever you refer a friend, plus exclusive discounts weekly, rewards on your birthday, and more!

After you place an order, we will contact you shortly thereafter via the listed method of contact to discuss details to make the service run as smoothly as possible, including a tentative date and time, sometimes best weapons, etc. for any coaching services. Generally, non-Fast Track orders are completed within 48 hours while Fast Track are bumped to the Priority queue and are completed sooner. Additionally, you will receive a receipt via email from us confirming that we received your order and any extra information pertinent to your service.

Currently, we accept every major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, as well as Apple Pay! We do NOT accept account trading, gift cards or other exchanges as a form of payment for services.