Iron Banner

Iron Banner

This service is for gaining Iron Banner rank ups and bounties for exclusive Iron Banner gear, which are offered in multiple quantities of packages as well as bounty options. This option is only available as a recovery. This is a great service for those looking to get ahold of the seasonal Iron Banner exclusives including gear and to boost their power level quickly. There are quite a few options, so make sure you read the info about product options below!

Additionally, beginning with Season 6, you now have the ability to earn a Masterwork Wizened Rebuke fusion by completing a very challenging triumph: Atlas, Unbound. This triumph entails defeating 500 enemies with Iron Burden active at a 100 Light Level deficit. You must already have the Iron Burden (costs 5 Iron Banner tokens) in your inventory when purchasing this service.

About Iron Banner (What to Expect, Rewards, and Requirements)

What to expect:

  • Speedy and effective completion of the specified amount of Iron Banner reputation packages from Lord Saladin when Iron Banner is active for the week. We will not collect the packages for you, we will leave them for you to collect.

  • Some bounties may be completed for you if you have them in your inventory even if you opt for reputation ranks. If they're completed, we will utilize them for reputation ranks.

  • This option is only available for account recovery (we play on your account), so you will be provided with a full, detailed list of all of your rewards. You can read more about account recoveries in our F.A.Q. page.

  • Please note that with high package purchases (i.e., you purchase the option for 30 reputation packages), it may take longer than 1 sign in to complete


  • Completion of the specified number of packages or bounties; please note that 1 package requires 20 tokens with 5 tokes per win and 3 per loss

  • Depending on the option you select, you can also have some or all Iron Banner bounties completed, all of which reward Powerful Gear when claimed as well as 25 tokens per bounty claimed
  • Iron Banner exclusive rewards from Lord Saladin which can include weapons, armor, ships, sparrows, ghost shells, and emblems

    • The newest emblem for this season is The Weight of Guilt and is earned by completing all weekly bounties

  • High XP gain (great for leveling up)

  • Valor rank increase (THIS WEEK IS ALSO DOUBLE VALOR!)

  • Crucible tokens


  • You must have access to Call to Arms milestone by completing it once in the past

Have any questions that aren't answered here or on our FAQ page? Please contact us via methods found on the "Contact" page!