Gambit Wins & Infamy Rank

This service is for the Forsaken-exclusive game type named Gambit, a PvEvP mode. Currently, this is only completed as a recovery by our top-tier team to acquire you the number of wins or points specified quickly and efficiently, earning you Infamy points and a chance at the rare Malfeasance Primeval.

What to expect:

  • Depending on the number of wins or points you select, we will grind those out and provide you with a before and after Infamy point rank

  • Because this is a recovery-only service, we will complete the grind for you and provide you with a list of all Gambit-exclusive gear drops and any exotics, especially if the Malfeasance Primeval spawns to drop you the coveted Malfeasance quest


  • Gambit exclusive gear, including the Ancient Apocalypse armor set and weapons

  • The following rewards occur at specific rank ups:

    • Rank 6: Class item

    • Rank 12: Bygones pulse rifle

    • Reset 1: Mysterious Package (a Masterwork Trust hand cannon)

    • Reset 2: Mysterious Package (a “God roll” Masterwork Bad Omens rocket launcher with Tracking Module and Cluster Bombs)

    • Reset 3: Furtive ghost shell

  • Along the way, you also have chances to receive other Gambit exclusive gear, with legendary and/or powerful drops every time you rank up a tier (Guardian to Brave, Mythic to Legend, etc)


  • You must have completed the mission Spark

  • You must own the Forsaken expansion

  • You absolutely must stay offline if during an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the win streak bonus and can result in the game suspending you from the Gambit playlist for leaving a game early