VIG: Master Credits Rewards

As of May 2021, we are proud to have implemented a brand new rewards program to update our existing Master Credits, which is now known as VIG Master Credits Rewards. We've been able to build our business with your support, so our goal with this program is to reward our loyal clients with increasingly worthy rewards! There are more ways ways to earn and even more rewards to unlock!

How to Earn Credits

Every time you place an order with us, you're earning Credits for your account. Master Credits earned are based on the following Tiers:

- Rookie Gamer: 5 Credits for every $1 spent
- Seasoned Gamer: 7 Credits for every $1 spent
- Veteran Gamer: 10 Credits for every $1 spent

Additionally, you will receive bonus credits for the following:

- 500 Credits for your Welcome/Sign-up Bonus
- 700 Credits for your birthday (must be put into the system 30 days prior)

- 100 Credits for following us on Twitter, Facebook, our MC Instragram, and the MC PVP team Instagram
- 750 Credits for leaving a verified review via once every 3 months
- Each time you move up a tier, you're awarded bonus credits!

How to Redeem Credits


When you're ready to spend your Master Credits, all you have to do is open the VIG Master Credits panel, select the number of Credits you would like to redeem (every 100 points = $1 savings) and you will be provided with a unique, one-time use code that will be sent to your email address associated with your account. You must have a minimum of 1000 Master Credits before redeeming for a code. You will enter this code once you get to the checkout page in the "Discount Code" box (shown in the photo below). 

How to Sign Up

In the bottom left of your screen, you will either see "Master Credits VIG Program" (PC) or a Bag with Heart Tag icon (mobile devices) that will open up the Master Credits panel. 

If you already have an account registered with the website, even if you have not registered for our VIG Program, choose to Sign In.

If you've checked out with us previously and made an account, choose to Sign In with that account - your rewards program profile will be linked to that account. 

If you do NOT already have an account with our site, click the "Join now" button. Proceed from there to create an account with our site and your VIG Master Credits account is automatically tied to your account.

One of the biggest questions we get asked: is it free? YES, Master Credits is completely FREE and your points will never expire.

How to Increase My VIG Tier from Rookie to Seasoned to Veteran

Tiers (and therefore more rewards) are increased by earning Master Credits. In order to reach Seasoned Gamer Tier, you must earn 3500 Credits in one calendar year. Similarly, you must earn 10000 Credits to progress from Seasoned to Veteran. If you have already earned 3500 or 10000 Credits since May 15, 2020, your tier is already applied and therefore your bonuses have been activated. Statuses can be earned and will be active until December 31, 2022. Tiers will reset each year on December 31.

What Else Comes With Being a MC Rewards Member?

Aside from the points earned and referral opportunities, you also get access to exclusive sales, promotions, priority runs, and first option to a ton of new services before non-members. We also hold giveaways for members only with access to other free services and opportunities!


Is Master Credits free to join?

Yes, Master Credits is free to join, and you do not have to make a purchase first in order to join the program.

I had an account before Master Credits went live and I did not get my sign-up bonus; what should I do for my extra points?

Please contact us immediately if this is the situation - we will gladly add 500 bonus points to your account as long as you created your account with the website before April 15, 2019. Email us at

I've made several purchases before Master Credits went live or before I created my Master Credits account, are the rewards points retroactive?

While you will not receive points for all of your purchases made before April 15, we will gladly add extra points to your account that you would have earned for up two of your most recent orders if they have been made between January 15th and April 15th (so within three months prior to the program starting).

For example, if you made a purchase that would earn 150 points on February 1st, contact us and we will sort it with you to add the 150 points to your account. However, purchases before January 15th will not be considered for retroactive point addition. Secondly, only your two most recent purchases made within that timeframe will be added to your Master Credits balance. 

Similarly, if you made purchases before creating your Master Credits account, please email us and we will retroactively add your two most recent purchases to your rewards account.

Please email us at to inquire about adding previous purchase points to your current account balance.