Safe Recovery Guidelines

The MC Team has prioritized safety since the start of our business in 2018. With the recent announcement regarding account recoveries and anti-cheat, we want to address the measures we take to reassure privacy and security are consistently at the forefront of our services. Moreover, as a growing business we acknowledge the individuals who have attempted to impersonate or utilize our name to help create fake accounts, scam others, or other actions with malicious intent. Please read below, and contact us with any questions. 

Our Approach to Safety

What BattlEye Affects (active August 2021)

BattlEye is a PC exclusive anti-cheat software that detects external manipulations such as hacks, cheats, aim bots, malicious executable codes, etc. BattlEye does NOT trace or ban for account recoveries. BattlEye is a great addition to Bungie’s anti-cheat initiatives and is extremely helpful at deterring people who cheat. Our community and the MC Team does not use external cheats on any platform of any sort. Our services are completed 100% legitimately by real players with no external assistance, win trading, hacks, or network attacks. With this in mind, your account is safe from BattlEye when in our hands as we do not employ or add to the toxic environment caused by cheating.

Account Recoveries & Our Approach to Security

Here at MC, we have always prioritized security and will continue to do so moving forward.

In the past, our Sherpas have used VPNs for IP location security as a gold standard, but now this is an absolute requirement for all of our Sherpas on both PVE and PVP teams. Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) help safely mask IP location, which allows us to adjust our IP address and maintain a consistent login location that is near you. In order for us to ensure this is working properly, we will be requesting your postal code, city & state, or city & country of your most frequented login. We do NOT need your full address, your exact location, or anything along those lines; this is not intended to be any sort of invasive request. This simply allows us to change to a nearby IP location and maintain login location consistency.

Additionally, our customers will generally be assigned to the same Sherpa whenever you place an order so that the console ID is consistent as well. We aimed to do this before, but this is now a new measure we will be taking as an added precaution. If this is not something you are interested in, but are still looking for assistance in game, self-play/coaching options are always available to you and do not risk any sort of ban.

Please know, these are measures we have taken prior to recent announcements and are now strictly enforced even more than before. The boosting industry brings life to the game for many, keeps the player base active, and keeps clients engaged when they don’t have the time to play; we truly believe this announcement was aimed towards very popular streamers offering paid recoveries on various streaming platforms and does not adhere to the anonymity and safety standards we at MC do. Bungie has addressed their stance on recoveries prior to this in a very similar fashion; since our operation started in 2018, we have never encountered a single ban in over 15,000 orders completed.

You as clients have built an awesome community with us, and we hope to continue to do so with safety maintaining it’s #1 priority in our minds. Account recoveries have been a “ban risk” since the industry started almost a decade ago with World of Warcraft and Halo, and we will do everything in our power to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and trustworthy experience you’ve come to expect from our team.

TL;DR: The MC Team takes several measures whenever performing our services to ensure your account is kept safe. 

1) Our Sherpas use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to help maintain anonymity and promote IP security

2) We prioritize assigning clients to individual trusted sherpas so that logins are from consistent systems/consoles

3) We never use any external manipulation including hacks, aim bots, or malicious software that could risk accounts getting banned, nor do we associate with players who perform these actions

4) Your information is kept safe and secure; our sherpas are subject to required non-disclosure agreements in order to work with us

If you have any questions regarding our safety standards, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Be in the Know: False Impersonations/Representations

The MC Team has been made aware of several fake accounts that claim to work for or with us on several channels including Xbox LFG, Destiny Companion Apps, emails and email marketing, eBay, Craigslist, and more; please always confirm with us before purchasing from anyone who claims to be part of the Master Carries Team! The MC Team would NEVER attempt to collect payment or otherwise outside of a secure connection or via an unsecured chat (Xbox messages, for example). Many of these accounts are using our name or other boosting services' names to gain reputability - please do not engage with said accounts or people without confirming it is a legitimate source. If your instinct is telling you something is wrong or fishy, get in touch with us so we can reassure safe practices! Rule of thumb with the MC Team: if you aren't speaking with Rae, Jake, or Choke via our website, it isn't safe!

If you come across an encounter that seems suspicious, please inform us! It helps keep us in the know and therefore other community members safe. The best ways to contact us are via Facebook Messenger, our LiveChat, via email at, or any of the other contact methods listed on the Contact Us page on our site.

Secure Payment Options

ALWAYS ensure that whoever you choose to purchase form, whether it be us or another boosting service, provide options for secure payment methods. Communicating payment over Xbox/PSN/Steam or LFG direct messages is not a safe practice and we strongly urge against doing so. Our website is run on Shopify, one the world's largest and most secure e-commerce platforms, which employs a 100% secure checkout process. For our merchant services (both of which are partnered with Shopify that meet their iron-clad security standards), we only use Stripe and PayPal to ensure your payment is completely safe and secure. We urge you to NEVER proceed with payment If you are recommended or directed to send funds to a personal PayPal or to a non-secure checkout page!

Change Your Password Frequently

While we take every measure possible to keep your account info safe, we always recommend changing your password after a service has been completed just for peace of mind. Many of our customers will create a temporary password prior to a service engagement then change their password back once their order has been fulfilled. In general, it is always a good idea to keep separate and different passwords/login information for different accounts. For example, we strongly recommend not to keep the same login details for both Xbox and PayPal; this way, any sort of breach can be contained to one platform. While this is not required and you should have no concerns with your safety with MC, we always recommend pursuing what makes you most comfortable as a fellow community member and client!

Do Your Research: Learn Who You're Trusting

The Boosting community is built on reputation and trustworthiness, which is why we place your account safety and needs as our #1 priority. As a registered LLC, Master Carries and Master Carries PVP are fully compliant as a legitimized business, in addition to all of our boosters/Sherpas being held to the highest standards of security and professionalism. Similar to any other company or business, especially in the service industry, we always recommend reviewing the feedback and reviews left by other community members. There are plenty of boosting services available to you, and even if you decide not to work with the MC Team, we still strongly urge you to invest time researching the business or site you are interested in working with. For example, we offer Verified Reviews through, so you can ensure that the Feedback you're reading is from 100% legitimate customers and community members.

In Closing

The MC Team is here for you - we take so much pride in the amazing feedback we've received since the foundation of our business, and the incredibly high standards we have in place to keep you, your account, and your information safe are highly reflected in our reputation. Please, even if we aren't the service providers for you, we are here to help keep you informed to the best of our ability so do not hesitate to contact us. You have a right to question whether a company is utilizing safe practices - it is your account after all! Thank you for taking the time to read and helping to keep the community, and the MC reputation, safe!