Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2, bringing with it some new gear, cosmetics, and an exclusive rendition of a familiar Auto Rifle: The Braytech Werewolf. Similar in many ways to the Revelry, Eva Levante is here once more to help you in the Infinite Forest, a haunted version of the Verdant Forest. Check out some of the new gear you can earn below! If you have any questions about these, please make sure to Contact Us!

The Festival is here from October 29 until November 19th

Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle

In order for us to obtain the Werewolf, you must have completed the Master of Disguise triumph (unlock all 5 masks).

Other Options

Candy and Chocolate Strange Coin Farming

We offer several selections for you to select the number of Candy and/or Strange Coins you'd like


Weekly and Daily Bounty Completions

Each bounty awards a number of Rewards, XP, and Chocolate Strange Coins



  • You must own the game and have access to the Tower (not the Farm)

  • Minimum 770 Light Level requirement

  • Must have access to at least 1 Mask already
  • This is completed as an account recovery only; please check out our FAQ page if you are interested in learning more about the recovery process

Have any questions that aren't answered here or on our FAQ page? Please contact us via methods found on the "Contact" page!