Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun

This service is for the Thunderlord questline completion, a Destiny 1 favorite, and is only here for a limited time during Arc Week in-game event (until April 23rd).

The questline includes the following objectives:

  • The Lost Cryptarch Part 1: defeat Fallen ultras to find Master Ives' lost journal pages
  • The Lost Cryptarch Part 2: Complete 4 Lost Sectors in the EDZ
  • The Lost Cryptarch Part 3: Visit the Cosmodrome in Old Russia to defeat Fallen boss, Kikliss, then return to Amanda Holliday to decrypt Ives' last engram


  • You must own the Annual Pass

  • You absolutely must stay offline if during an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the win streak bonus and can result in the game suspending you from the Competitive playlist for leaving a game early