Reckoner Triumph Seal

Reckoner Triumph Seal

This service is for our top-tier Gambit team to assist you in earning the triumph seal Reckoner, the newest and very challenging set of triumphs earned in the Joker's Wild Gambit Prime and Reckoning content. Please note that for the Gambit Prime role-specific triumphs (Triumphant Invader, Triumphant Collector, etc.), you must already have the full Notorious gear set required for each triumph before we can complete it. Additionally, once you select certain options for the role-specific triumphs, there may be an additional drop down menu for partial completion options.

If you need any assistance grinding out synths and the Reckoning, check out our service here:

What to expect for each Triumph:

Depending on the Triumphs you select, our team will complete the following for you:

  • Swift Reckoning: Complete a time trial run of Tier III in the Reckoning

  • One Skip Ahead (only includes this week's run): Complete all three stages of Tier III of the Reckoning without dying against both the Likeness of Oryx and the Knights. If you want both versions completed, you will need to purchase two of this service as the price is for this week's version only.

    After both versions are run flawlessly, earns the Wheel of Fortune emblem

  • Get Recked: While in the Reckoning, defeat 150 powerful enemies, land 250 precision final blows, and defeat 1000 Shadow Thrall

  • Triumphant Collector: While you have the Collector Aura in Gambit Prime:

    - Win 10 Matches
    - Deposit 1,000 Motes
    - Summon 100 Small Blockers
    - Summon 40 Giant Blockers
    - Earn 15 Half-Banked Medals (50 Motes banked per match)

    Completing this triumph earns you The Collector emblem:

  • Triumphant Invader: While you have the Invader Aura in Gambit Prime:

    - Win 10 Matches
    - Defeat 25 Guardians with your Super
    - Defeat 25 Guardians with Linear Fusion or Sniper Rifles
    - Defeat 25 Guardians with Fusion Rifles or Shotguns
    - Defeat 25 Guardians with any other weapon type
    - Drain 100 Motes from the enemy bank

    Completing this triumph earns you The Invader emblem:

  • Triumphant Reaper: While you have the Reaper Aura in Gambit Prime:

- Win 20 Matches
- Defeat 1,000 Combatants
- Defeat 50 High-Value Targets
- Defeat 100 Blockers and Envoys
- Earn 10 Massacre Medals (rapidly defeat 12 enemies with no more than 3 seconds between kills) 

Completing this triumph earns you The Reaper emblem:

  • Triumphant Sentry: While you have the Sentry Aura in Gambit Prime:

- Win 20 Matches
- Mark 40 Invaders
- Defeat 200 Blockers
- Defeat 150 Taken
- Earn 20 Locksmith medals (defeat last blocker at your bank 3 times in a single match)

Completing this triumphs earns you The Sentry emblem:

  • Because this is a recovery-only service, we will complete each Triumph for you and provide you with a list of all high power gear drops and any exotics that you receive


  • You must have completed the DLC campaign and have access to Gambit Prime; if you select the Invader triumph, you must have the weapons required (Linear Fusion, shotgun, etc)

  • You must personally own the Forsaken expansion

  • You absolutely must stay offline during an account recovery