Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon

This service is for the completion of the Malfeasance exotic quest line. These can only be completed as a recovery (we play on your account). This is a great service for those looking to save time by letting us grind for the coveted hand cannon! However, keep in mind that you must already have the quest in your inventory. If you are interested in us running Gambit for you to grind out for the special Malfeasance Primeval boss, please see this link to our regular Gambit page. Please note: we are willing to do partial quest completions that aren't listed as a standard above; please just contact us to let us know what you need completed and we will discuss prices from there

Malfeasance comes with an exclusive perk called Taken Predator: shoot tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy. Stacking enough slugs causes them all to explode. Additionally, Malfeasance does extra damage against Taken enemies and Gambit invaders.

What to expect:

The following quest steps are required to complete the quest and are sold individually or as part of the Full Quest discounted bundle:

  • Step 1: 25 Taken Mini-bosses/Boss kills

  • Step 2: Complete the modified version of The Corrupted strike

  • Step 3: Business as Usual

    • Win 10 games of Gambit

    • deposit motes; if you lose any motes from dying during this quest step, the amount of motes lost is doubled and subtracted from your progress

      • i.e., if you die with 15 motes, 30 will be subtracted from your progression

  • Step 4: Lights Out

    • get 25 Guardian kills in Gambit (either as an invader or when the opposing invader is on your field)

    • Obtain an Army of One medal (invade in Gambit and kill the entire team); we do offer this as a separate service in the event that you only need the Army of One objective

  • If you need something more customized than the options above, please contact us!

  • This is an account recovery only (we play on your account), so we will complete the steps purchased and leave Malfeasance to be collected by you from the Drifter


  • You must be at least a 565+ light level in order for us to complete the Corrupted Strike option

  • You must own and have progressed through all storylines, including the Forsaken DLC, and have the quest line already in your pursuits when we begin the quest

Have any questions? Please check out our FAQ or contact us via the information in the Contact tab!