Hush Gambit Bow

This service is for the Hush questline completion, the Season 7 Gambit pinnacle weapon. This is only completed as a recovery and similar to past seasons, involves another serious grind within the Gambit/Gambit Prime playlists.

Once the season has begun, our top-tier PVE team will complete your weapon questline. As with all orders, our pre-orders will be completed on a first come, first serve basis.

Weapon Info

Hush is a solar combat bow that uses Primary Ammo and is able to be equipped to the energy/secondary weapon slot.

It has a very unique perk known as Archer's Gambit: Hipfire precision hits grant a massive draw speed bonus for a short duration, a ramped-up version of a well-known perk called Archer's Tempo.


  • You must own the Annual Pass/Forsaken DLC

  • You must have access to the Gambit/Gambit Prime playlists
  • You absolutely must stay offline if during an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the win streak bonus and can result in the game suspending you from the Gambit playlist for leaving a game early