Rune Farming

Chalice of Opulence: Rune Farming

Season of Opulence has arrived, and with it comes a brand new six-player matchmade activity: the Menagerie. In order to obtain gear from the final chest in the Menagerie, you must have a Chalice of Opulence and different runes to slot into the Chalice. Different rune combinations result in different rewards, in addition to offering Menagerie-specific gear called the Opulent armor set as well as exclusive weapons!

What to Expect & Rewards

You can earn Runes to power up your Chalice several ways:

- weekly bounties
- using a Runefinder consumable (shown on the left) during Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible to increase Rune drop chance at the end of those activities
- opening chests on the Nessus Barge

Once you've earned your runs, you can slot them into your Chalice and, depending on your combination of equipped runes, will earn different rewards from the final Menagerie chest.

The more you've upgraded your Chalice, the more customizable your drops will become, including being able to earn a larger variety of runes, choosing the Masterwork perk on rewards, as well as receive additional Powerful drops every week. In order to upgrade your Chalice, you must earn Imperials from similar activities that are completed to find Runes.

For our Rune Farm service, we will farm for the selected number of Runes in either Gambit, Strikes, or Crucible. If you are interested in a specific activity, please note it in the Special Instructions at checkout.



  • You must own the Annual Pass/Forsaken DLC
  • You must have the Chalice in your inventory and the Power Surge quest already beaten
  • You absolutely must have completed the Power Surge quest on at least one character

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