The Sundial

The Sundial

Season 9 has introduced a brand new activity to fight back against the Cabal and Red Legion once more called The Sundial! Under Osiris' guidance, take on this activity to earn brand new rewards. In order to access The Sundialyou must complete the quest line "A Matter of Time" from Ikora.

How The Sundial Works

  • You must ensure that you link the Obelisk related to the weapon/reward you want
    • You can unlock different Obelisks for different rewards, as each Obelisk offers different weapon reward options
    • Upgrade each Obelisk by completing Bounties and Triumphs 
  • Select which weapon you'd like us to choose upon completion
    • If you have not upgraded your Obelisk there will be 2 weapons to choose from
    • Each weapon drop is a random roll
    • You must have unlocked and linked the Obelisk associated with the weapon you selected

There is no limit as to how many rewards you can receive from the Sundial each week. 

Options and Requirements

- Normal Difficulty Completion

Light Level Requirement: 900+

- Legend Difficulty Completion: TBD

Light Level Requirement: TBD


- Weekly Challenge 

Light Level Requirement: 900+

Rewards: Powerful Rewards (Tier 2) upon completion


Each Obelisk has its' own set of associated rewards. You must unlock and link the proper Obelisk in order to receive the weapon you select. 

Tangled Shore Obelisk


Steelfeather Repeater
Auto Rifle


Mars Obelisk

Martyr's Retribution
Grenade Launcher

Line in the Sand
Linear Fusion Rifle



EDZ Obelisk

Gallant Charge
Fusion Rifle

Infinite Paths 8
Pulse Rifle



Nessus Obelisk

Patron of Lost Causes
Scout Rifle

Traveler's Judgement 5


  • You must own the Shadowkeep/Season of Dawn DLC
  • You must meet the individual light level requirements (900 for normal difficulty; 940 for heroic difficulty)
  • Currently this is completed as a recovery service only; we will offer self-play within the upcoming weeks

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