Nightfall: The Ordeal

Nightfall: The Ordeal

This service is for the completion of the weekly Nightfall: the Ordeal, a new version of the Nightfall with the introduction of Shadowkeep, bringing new enemies and mechanics to defeat!

The new Nightfall comes with 4 different difficulties, each increasingly more difficult with an increase in enemy light level and power. Please ensure to read the requirements and rewards below to determine which Tier works best for you!

The Nightfall this week is The Pyramidion

Rewards and Requirements

- Tier 1: Adept (750)

Light Level Requirement: 750

Rewards: Exotic Gear (Rare), Enhancement Cores (Uncommon); this Tier grants 1 point towards the Weekly Challenge

- Tier 2: Hero (920)

Light Level Requirement: 910+

Rewards: Exotic Gear (Uncommon), Enhancement Cores (Uncommon), Enhancement Prisms (Rare); this Tier grants 2 points towards the Weekly Challenge

- Tier 3: Legend (950)

Light Level Requirement: 940+

Rewards: Exotic Gear (Common), Enhancement Prisms (Uncommon); this Tier grants 3 points towards the Weekly Challenge

- Tier 4: Master (980)

Light Level Requirement: 960+

Rewards: Exotic Gear (Common), Enhancement Prisms (Common), Ascendant Shards (Uncommon); this Tier grants 4 points towards the Weekly Challenge

We also offer two other options for Powerful Drops:

- Weekly Challenge (Earn 5 points)

Light Level Requirement: 920+

Rewards: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)

- 100K Weekly Challenge

Light Level Requirement: 940+

Rewards: Pinnacle Gear (best rewards possible)


  • You must own the Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying DLC
  • You must meet the individual light level requirements
  • Currently this is completed as a recovery service only; we will offer self-play within the upcoming weeks

Have any questions that aren't answered here or on our FAQ page? Please contact us via methods found on the "Contact" page!