Nightfall Strike

This service is for the completion of one of the weekly Nightfall selections. The Nightfall is on a weekly rotation, each offering their own Nightfall-exclusive rewards and emblems! Currently we only offer a non-scored version, but may offer scored runs in the future!


With the Shadowkeep update, there has been several new strikes added to the Nightfall selection. This week's options are listed in the dropdown, and a scored option will be added in the near future!

This week's possible exclusive rewards:

The Insight Terminus: The Long Goodbye sniper rifle

Exodus Crash: Impact Velocity exotic sparrow

The Hollowed Lair: Mindbender's Ambition shotgun


  • You must own the Forsaken DLC
  • You must be 800 Light Level and have completed Zavala's Milestone to have access to the Nightfalls

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