Scourge of the Past
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Scourge of the Past Raid

This service is for the completion of a full Scourge of the Past raid, the new raid that launched as an addition to the Black Armory DLC with a recommended power level of 640. We do offer options for a Priority run, which means that your order will be prioritized so that we will have your order completed within 24 hours of ordering (usually much sooner). Have questions? Check out the info below or make sure to contact us!


PLEASE NOTE: If you order the "Equip Calus-theme/Menagerie gear" to progress the associated Tribute Hall triumph, this does NOT guarantee completion of the triumph. We will equip as many pieces of the gear as we can, but you must already have the gear on your character. The more gear that you have the faster the triumph will progress, but if you do not have enough pieces of equippable gear (we recommend at least 4-5), we cannot guarantee the triumph will be completed!

What to expect & Challenge:

  • We offer an option to obtain the Sparrow secret chest by completing an extra challenge during the Sparrow Race encounter

  • Similar to the Last Wish, there is a rotating challenge for each of the 3 encounters that changes on a weekly basis from Hawthorne. This challenge provides progress in the Blacksmith triumph seal by completing the associated triumph once the bounty is turned in. Additionally, a Powerful reward is dropped from the raid loot pool when the bounty is turned in. 

This week, the challenge is All for One, One for All






  • Completion of the 640 light level Scourge of the Past raid

  • You will receive 3 guaranteed Powerful drops from the raid loot pool, including a shot at the exotic Anarchy grenade launcher

  • Upon first completion, you will receive the Recovered Memories emblem

  • If you select Yes to the Sparrow chest, you will receive an additional drop from the raid loot pool in addition to a chance at the raid-exclusive exotic sparrow Always On Time 


  • You must be a minimum 625 light level

  • You must have completed the Forsaken story line, own the Annual Pass, and have access to the Scourge of the Past raid

Have any questions that aren't answered here or on our FAQ page? Please contact us via methods found on the "Contact" page!