Zero Hour: Ship Schematic

Zero Hour: Ship Schematic

This service is for completion progress for the Zero Hour Ship Schematic, and similar to the Whisper of the Worm exotic ship, needs to be completed once per week over three consecutive weeks each with a different singe (arc, solar, or void). The activity involves a seriously complex puzzle and a speedy, well-coordinated fireteam. Each weekly completion provides blueprint progression as well as 13.3% Outbreak Perfected catalyst progression. Please note that you must already have Outbreak Perfected and the catalyst/completed at least one Zero Hour Heroic version in the past before being able to acquire the exotic ship schematic! Additionally, please note that this is NOT a Heroic mission completion; we will complete the Vault puzzle to progress the ship schematic but we will NOT complete the main mission.

We do offer bundles that include Outbreak Perfected SIVA Particulate catalyst completion AND exotic ship schematic completion, which is completed weekly or over 3 consecutive weeks. This service is listed on our Outbreak Perfected service page, which is linked by clicking on the photo below:


Weekly Singe Completion

If you only need one week/one burn, this is the ideal option. From each weekly singe, you progress through 1/3rd of the ship schematic as well as earn 13.3% SIVA Particulate progress for the catalyst. If you pair the weekly singe with one full Heroic completion, you can earn a total of 33.3% each week for SIVA Particulate catalyst progression.

3 Consecutive Singe/Week Completions

This option is ideal for those looking to have the entire ship schematic completed. We will log into your account once per week over three consecutive weeks in order to fulfill the entire schematic objective. Moreover, this will provide 40% (over three weeks) SIVA Particulate completion for the Outbreak Perfected catalyst objective. 

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: completing the schematic puzzle is NOT a Zero Hour: Heroic difficulty completion. If you are interested in a Heroic + Ship Schematic bundle, please check out our Outbreak Perfected service page above!


  • You must own the Annual Pass

  • You must be 680+ Light Level

  • You must have already completed Zero Hour on Heroic at least once in the past 
  • You absolutely must stay offline if during an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the win streak bonus and can result in the game suspending you from the Competitive playlist for leaving a game early