Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected: Exotic Pulse Rifle

This service is for the newest Outbreak Perfected completion, a Destiny 1 favorite and one of the rarest weapons to obtain in the original game. This is only completed as a recovery and involves a very difficult, timed mission similar to the Whisper of the Worm mission.

The quest includes completing the following objectives:

  • Visit Titan to obtain the Fallen Transponder 
  • Visit multiple data sites to retrieve data from 6 nodes, completing the Fallen Transponder
  • Complete the mission Zero Hour by returning to the Old Tower and defeating very difficult enemies in the 20 minute time limit

Base Options

Unlocking Zero Hour

In order to obtain access to the Fallen Transponder, you must have already obtained Rat King on the character that you are interested in obtaining Outbreak Perfected on. This is completed from the mission from Sloane on Titan. If you need assistance in obtaining Rat King, check out our service for it. Next, you will obtain the Transponder from the Heroic Adventure Bad Neighbors. A binary code is attached to the Transponder providing 6 Lost Sectors to retrieve date from in order to complete the Transponder.

Zero Hour: Normal Mode

The final objective is to complete the mission Zero Hour in the Old Tower by visiting a Fallen ally at the Farm. This mission is very difficult, involving heavily shielded enemies, a 20-minute timer, and quite a few difficult jumping scenarios. Once the mission is complete, Outbreak Perfected will drop as a kinetic pulse in your inventory.

Requirements: 675+ Light Level, must have Fallen Transponder completed

Zero Hour: Heroic Mode

In order to unlock Outbreak's catalyst, you must complete an even more difficult version of Zero Hour, involving tougher enemies and an even more complex jumping puzzle. Once you complete the mission, you will receive 20% progress on the SIVA Particulate objective of the catalyst. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE EXOTIC SHIP SCHEMATIC PROGRESSION.

Requirements: 685+ Light Level, must have already completed Normal Mode

Zero Hour: Time Trial

Completing the Time Trial for Zero Hour will complete a triumph called Expedited Exfiltration and unlock a unique emblem: Quarantine Zone. In order to complete this, you must complete the full Zero Hour mission with 5 minutes or more remaining on the timer (less than 15-minute run).

Requirements: 700 Light Level, must have already completed one Normal run

Catalyst/Ship Bundle Options

Zero Hour: Heroic X5 (Full Catalyst Completion, No Ship)

This service will involve our team signing in once per week for a total of 5 weeks to obtain and fully complete the SIVA Particulate objective of the catalyst (20% per week for 5 weeks). THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE EXOTIC SHIP SCHEMATIC COMPLETION, OBTAINING THE BASE WEAPON, OR THE PRECISION KILLS.

1 Weekly Singe (Ship Schematic) + Zero Hour: Heroic X1 (33% Catalyst Completion)

This service includes the following:

  • 1 ship schematic puzzle solved for the current week's singe (either arc, void, or solar) which will result in 13.3% SIVA Particulate progress
  • 1 Zero Hour: Heroic mission completion, resulting in obtaining the catalyst and 20% SIVA Particulate catalyst objective completion
  • This bundle ultimately results in 33% SIVA Particulate catalyst progress
  • This does NOT include the precision kills

Requirements: 685+ Light Level, already have base weapon 

Full Ship Schematic + Zero Hour: Heroic X3 (100% Catalyst Completion)

This service includes the following:

  • Ship schematic puzzle solved 3 consecutive weeks in a row, one for each solar, arc, and void singe ultimately resulting in obtaining the exotic ship. Each puzzle solved for ship schematic progression also grants 13.3% SIVA Particulate progression for the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst (40% total after three weeks)
  • Three Zero Hour activity completions on Heroic difficulty for three consecutive weeks, resulting in obtaining OBP's catalyst, and 20% SIVA Particulate catalyst progress for each Heroic completion. In total, this will grant 60% after the third completion
  • This does NOT include the precision kills

Requirements: 685+ Light Level, already have base weapon 

If you are interested in just completing the exotic ship schematic, please see our separate service for it here:



Weapon Perks:

Exotic Perk: The Corruption Spreads
This weapon creates SIVA nanite swarms on rapid hits and precision kills

Legendary Trait: Accurized Rounds
This weapon has increased range

Legendary Trait: Outlaw
Getting kills with precision shots increases reload speed for a brief period

Exclusive Trait: Parasitism
This weapon does more damage to enemies based on the number of SIVA nanites that are attached to them


  • Please note that you absolutely MUST have the Rat King quest completed on the character that you want to start the Outbreak Perfected quest on. If you select a catalyst option, you must have already obtained the base weapon
  • You must own the annual pass
  • You absolutely must stay offline during an account recovery

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