Izanami Forge

Izanami Forge

This service is for the completion of the Izanami Forge activity which results in brand new, exclusive weapons. This is only completed as a recovery, except for the Forge Activity Completion, where you have the option to play with our team. Play With Us for this activity is currently only available for Xbox One. If you are interested in us farming for these weapons, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a bundle deal.

What to expect:

  • If you are interested in having either the Blast Furnace pulse rifle or the Spiteful Fang bow frame completion, you must have the weapon frame in your inventory before we start your service.
  • If you select just the Izanami Forge activity completion, we will complete the challenging activity on Nessus.
  • Unlocking the Izanami Forge includes the following quest steps:
    • Vex Transponder - Defeat 100 Vex
    • Transponder Signal Lost - Eliminate Fallen with precision kills to collect tainted Black Armory Gear (75 total)
    • Vex Transponder - Defeat 20 Minotaurs on Nessus
    • Black Armory Signature - Complete a 630 light level quest on Nessus
    • Broken Izanami Igniter - Complete Heroic versions of Glimmer Extraction, Witches' Ritual, and Spire Integration public events
    • Refurbished Izanami Igniter - Get Fallen precision multikills, destroy blights in Io lost sectors, and Radiolarian Vapor from an Investigation quest on Nessus
    • Repowered Izanami Igniter - Complete the Volundr Forge in the EDZ
    • Repair the Izanami Igniter - Complete an advanced 630 version of the Inisght Terminus strike
    • Reignite the Izanami Igniter - Complete a quest on Nessus to ignite the Izanami Forge


  • The quest line completions can result in the Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle or the Spiteful Fang Bow through separate quest lines, which are also available services


  • You must be at least 610 light level

  • You must own the Annual Pass and have access to the Forge if you are looking for just a Forge completion

  • If we complete an account recovery, we ask that you absolutely stay offline so that we are not signed out and can complete your service in a timely fashion