Gofannon Forge

Gofannon Forge

This service is for the completion of the new Gofannon Forge activity which results in a powerful Kindled Orchid hand cannon or Tatara Gaze sniper rifle. This is generally completed as a recovery, except for the Forge Activity Completion, where you have the option to play with our team. Play With Us for this activity is currently only available for Xbox One. Additionally, we are offering Priority runs for this service, which means we guarantee to have it complete for you within 24 hours. If you are interested in us farming for these weapons, please contact us so we can discuss a bundle deal.

What to expect:

  • If you are interested in having the Kindled Orchid hand cannon or the Tatara Gaze sniper rifle, you must already have the frame picked up and in your inventory. From there, we will complete the frame objective and acquire you a Powerful weapon drop as a result. If you need any assistance obtaining a Ballistics Log, please check out our services for Ada-1 Bounties.

  • If you select just the Gofannon Forge activity completion, we will complete the challenging activity on Nessus

  • If you select the "Unlock Gofannon Forge" quest line, the following steps will be completed:

    • Stolen Black Armory Gear - Defeat fallen until you obtain a Stolen Black Armory Gear item

    • Gather Additional Tainted Gear - Eliminate Fallen with precision kills to collect tainted Black Armory Gear (75 total)

    • Needle in The Tangled Shore - Complete a heroic public event on the Tangled Shore by capturing a Wanted cry-pod escapee and defeat Fallen with melee final blows on the Tangled Shore

    • Scourge of The Armory - Investigate Fallen caches in the EDZ

    • Siviks’s Delivery Note - Track down roaming Captains that are High Value targets on Nessus to reveal where the tainted gear originates

    • Origin: Nessus - Investigate Siviks’s center of operations to track down the source of the tainted Black Armory Gear

    • Another Lost Forge - Explore an uncharted location on Nessus in order to locate the last forge


  • You must be at least 610 light level

  • You must own the Annual Pass and have access to the Forge if you are looking for just a Forge completion

  • If we complete an account recovery, we ask that you absolutely stay offline so that we are not signed out and can complete your service in a timely fashion