Honor Bound Quest

Honor Bound Quest

In order to fulfill the collections badge and earn the Savior title for Season 9, three quest lines for Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible must be completed. The Honor Bound quest for Vanguard involves a lengthy quest line to earn the shaders and emblem, so make sure to check out the requirements and rewards below!

The Quest

Step 1: Duty Driven

Defeat combatants in Vanguard or Nightfall Playlists with Solar damage, earn Points, and defeat Bosses.

    • Defeat 450 Enemies with Solar damage
    • Defeat 30 bosses
    • Earn 400,000 Points

Step 2: Molten Glory

In strikes, defeat combatants, earn points, and defeat enemies with Solar weapons in Nightfall or playlist strikes during Season 9.

    • Defeat 675 enemies with Solar weapons
    • Defeat 75 bosses
    • Earn 1,000,000 points 


Tactician Emblem

Vanguard Nightbeam


  • You must own the Shadowkeep/Season of the Dawn DLC

  • You must be 920 Light Level

  • You must have completed the Shadowkeep campaign