Apex Legends: Rank Boosting

Apex Legends: Rank Boosting

Apex Legends has become one of the most popular battle royale games across all platforms since its launch in February. Our PVP team has proven their skills in Destiny 2, offering Luna's Howl completions in less than 12 hours, Not Forgotten in 24 hours, and before that hundreds of Trials Flawless tickets completed. Now, our team is ranked among some of the best in the world in Apex.

Season 2 introduces a whole new way to conquer: Rank Leagues. Our team is here to help you climb the Ranks, bringing you exclusive rewards including weapon cosmetics, badges, skins, and more. 

Rank Boosting

Currently, Rank League is comprised of 6 Ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and the top rank Apex Predator. Each match, you earn Ranked Points (RP) and spend those RPs when you enter matches. As you climb the Rank ladder, each game costs more RP to enter. Bronze matches cost 1 RP, Silver costs 2 RP, and so forth until you reach Apex Predator where it costs 5 RP to enter a single game.

You can earn RPs for kills each game up to 5. Additionally, you can earn RP for placement:

  • Top 10: 2 RP
  • Top 5: 4 RP
  • Top 3: 7 RP
  • Win: 12 RP

Our top-tier Apex team is offering Rank boosting from one Rank to the next, resulting in tons of in-game rewards, RP farming, and all the exclusive rewards of being in each individual Rank! Currently we are only offering this as a Recovery service. If you have any questions or would like a customized order, please feel free to contact pvp@mastercarries.com!


  • You must own a copy of the game and already have an account set up
  • If you select certain Legends, you must have them unlocked (Mirage, Caustic, etc)