21% Delirium

21% Delirium Machine Gun

This service is for the 21% Delirium questline completion, the Season 6 Gambit pinnacle weapon. This is only completed as a recovery and involves a serious grind that will be completed within Gambit and Gambit Prime.

In order to get obtain 21% Delirium, you must complete a lengthy quest titled By Your Bootstraps (acquired at the Drifter) by completing the triumph "Notorious Hustle".

The triumph includes the following objectives:

  • Earn 75 Multikills of 5 enemies or more
  • Defeat Primeval Envoys
  • Infamy Rank Reset (15,000 Infamy points)

If you are interested in just getting Infamy points, please see our Infamy Rank service using this link or the service photo below!

Weapon Perks

Exotic Intrinsic: Rapid-Fire Frame

Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty


Barrel: Polygonal Rifling

Barrel optimized for recoil reduction


Magazine: Extended Mag

This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower


Legendary Trait: Overflow

Picking up Special or Heavy ammo reloads this weapon beyond normal capacity


Legendary Trait: Killing Tally

Kills increase this weapon's damage until it is stowed or reloaded


Masterwork: Stability

This weapon will drop fully Masterworked


This weapon does not have random rolls, so this roll is guaranteed!


  • You must own the Annual Pass

  • You must be 600 Light Level

  • You absolutely must stay offline if during an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the win streak bonus and can result in the game suspending you from the Competitive playlist for leaving a game early